Day 323: Used Wire Hangers to Freshen Pillows

Day 323: Used Wire Hangers to Freshen Pillows
Reused two wire hangers to hang up and freshen pillows.

According to Earth911, “What is flat, triangular, metal and hooks at the top? It is the wire clothes hanger used most frequently by dry cleaners around the world. The Organic Consumers Association estimates that 3.5 billion wire hangers are used each year by this industry alone. This amounts to 195 million pounds of steel used for production.”

  • Accidental friend

    Problem with wire hangers is much worst then stating simple numbers. They do not get recycled, there for end up in the land-field, but even that is not the greatest problem, though all the iron and other metals used to produce [not that much stainless steel] is wasted, machines that turn the garbage in the land field very often get stacked and pulled out for the repair, so those are countless hours and hours of costly reparation in the end [when summarized] for no reason, while no job on the land field has been done.

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