Day 365: 364 Simple Ways To Go Green

Day 365: 364 Simple Ways To Go Green
Over the past year I have shared one simple green act a day. Now not only can you easily lessen your environmental footprint, but you can also share that information with others as well.

The next time that someone says there is nothing that they can do to help the environment, tell them that they can

Or one of the 360+ other things that have been done on this site or the countless others that can be done.

The most important thing is that hopefully, you are now more aware of the decisions that you are making and how they play into the bigger picture.

  • Eco Arts Awards

    Particularly liked taking containers to the farmers market! We have started doing the same, by just keeping them in the basket in the car. Now the next step will be to get rid of the car! Seriously thinking about it! 

  • Movieguy153

    ozoshare.....where green folks hang.

  • Hshgduyastgeu

    shut up

  • dani

    Thank you for sharing your green ideas. Every one can make a difference every day.

    Dani @ ONNO Bamboo Clothing

  • Bill Sanders

    Congratulations on all 365 days. This blog is just an archive of terrific ideas. Possibly one more is to use a green pest control company. Pest control Portland is as green as grass, and using eco-friendly methods for treating just about any pest.

  • Bill - C'mon is that how you are really going to drum up business??!?

  • davej62

    Mike, no spam here just a recommendation that I'd like to share  of the things that I've done to incorporate green living as a conservative environmentalist... thanks for reading and giving me your thoughts!

  • Mandabubbler

    Congratulations! You did a stellar job of going green - even without advice from {Link removed because it was spam}

  • Thanks. I was able to do it without people providing spammy links to their sites.

  • HQX

    great blog, the last way seem to be the best.

  • Appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed.

  • Galamorvaz

    thanks for your amazing contribution with wonderful and useful information.

  • Thanks for following along.

  • Tammyjnim

    Congratulations on completion of your goal! It has been great to be with you through most of the year. You have inspired me to take many small steps. Thanks for the ideas, and for sharing them with so many people.

  • Thank you Tammy for following along and sharing your wisdom as well.

  • Marguerite Blake

    Good work for making people more aware. Awareness is always the first step for any improvement. Thank you!

  • Yay!

  • Congratulations on 365 days of making a positive impact on the world and sharing it for all to read! We've enjoyed your posts and look forward to seeing what's next! ;)

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