Day 132: Brought To-Go Ware Utensils to Restaurant

Day 132: Brought To-Go Ware Utensils to Restaurant

I used my To-Go Ware utensils to eat at a restaurant.

To-Go Ware make reusable items (utensils, food carriers, bags, etc) that are fair trade and eco-friendly.

According to To-Go Ware, “Every year, about 300 billion pounds of plastic is produced around the world, and only a fraction is recycled.” Learn more.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • I carry those too. But recently, I have been realizing that I shouldn't have bought them. Why? Because I already have a ton of To-Go Ware. In my kitchen drawer. I should have just made a little wrap for them out of a cloth napkin. Oh well. I did lose the bamboo fork recently (I'm betting I threw it away by accident) and replaced it with a metal one. I'm not going to buy new things if I can avoid it.

    To-Go Ware does rock as a company though.
  • Great point Beth. I'm gonna follow your lead and buy less as well, but when I do buy make the best possible decisions that I can and support companies that I believe in.

    They definitely are a great company. My fork broke and I called to let them know and they shipped me a new one with no questions.
  • tammyn
    Great idea. Did you know China throws away around 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks per year? The disposable ones are also known to be bleached with chemical dioxins, and they are not allowed in some public schools. In Taiwan, I used to carry my own travel chopsticks.

    I was just reading up on designing a "green home" and I learned Dow now makes solar roof shingles, so you don't need both roofing materiel and solar panels. My husband was quite excited when he read about this as we are planning on building a house. It was also my husband's idea to have separate plumbing to collect gray water from sinks and feed it to a hose to water our garden.
  • I could imagine the waste that is created worldwide by chopsticks.

    Definitely keep me updated about your house plans. Sounds awesome.
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