Day 325: Made Tea at Home

Day 325: Made Tea at Home
I brewed my own tea at home instead of buying at the local cafe.

Unless you bring your own cup, you will get a disposable one at the cafe. You will also reduce the waste and resources associate with ordering from the cafe as well.

  • Accidental friend
    Thumbs UP for the tea! :)))
  • Accidental friend
    See... it would be more green if the tee was loose tee, w/o paper bag [maybe even a metal staple]. There are stainless steel mesh tea-eggs [mesh seems to be the best in my opinion, also, a handle rather than a chain showed practical] or the tea might have been brewed without a s-s mesh egg if the tea is green /gray /black b/c herbs would fall on the bottom of the mug, jar or tea pot, so straining is not necessary.
    Though it is not true for most other types of herbal teas.
    Also, a very useful, reusable thing is a stainless steel mesh
    that goes directly into the mug [fits perfectly],
    and is kept in the mug until the tea is brewed.
    If you place a lid [a coffee cup plate /or a small cup atop what U may use as a tea pot, the tea will keep more flavor [essential oils] instead of evaporating it.
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