Day 337: Signed-Up To Stop Receiving Junk Mail

Day 337: Signed-Up To Stop Receiving Junk Mail
I signed up for the National Do Not Mail List.

By signing up for this list is supposed to help remove me from receiving unwanted advertising mail. There are many companies out there that make the same claims and charge fees. This is a free service that has received good reviews.

According to, “While about one-third of all paper is made from recycled material, the Sierra Club estimates that about 900 million trees are cut down annually for the production of paper worldwide.”

  • Accidental friend
    We canceled out the most of the spam mail, though we could not cancel out unwanted advertisement from the telephone company, banks and such... aside most of them send a bill even if the balance is zero [no debt /payed on line, on time]...
  • GinaRau
    This is such an easy one...everyone should do it! Seriously...who wants junk mail?
  • I just wish there was a way to get rid of the junk mail addressed to "Resident"
  • AMEN!
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