Day 36: Influenced Nephew to Use Grey Water to Flush Toilet

Day 36: Influenced Nephew to Use Grey Water to Flush Toilet

My 9-year old nephew is up from Florida visiting for a few days. He saw me using the bucket of grey shower water to flush my toilet and started to ask questions.

I explained to him how I was saving water by getting the water from the shower, then using it to flush the toilet and water my fire escape garden.

Of course what he was most interested in was when I poured it in the toilet really fast that it automatically flushed.

Totally unsolicited, the next time he took a whiz, he got the bucket and used the grey water to flush.

Even if he does it for the few days he’s here, I’m hoping that the message will last longer and he’ll start to take these things into consideration when making his decisions.

Did you know that 15-25 gallons of water is used in the average shower? Courtesy of The US Environmental Protection Agency.

And in 1995 the National Energy Policy Act (H.R. 776) went into effect and mandated 1.6 toilets for the entire U.S. (Courtesy of Toiletology)

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • BowersGauthierLarose
    Hello Mike, another way you can save water in the toilet, get a margarine tub and a rock, open the back of the toilet, put the margerine tub at the bottom of the toilet , putt he rock in the tub to be sure it stays in 1 place, now every time you fluch the tiolet, you are using 250 - 500mls less each flush, it adds up!!! cheers.
  • Hey you're stealing my thunder. Haha. JK. Thanks for the tip. Gonna need as many as I can get. Over 300 more days to go. Appreciate it.
  • lolamelsi
    I always do this in my home. Our shower is old and is losing some water from the piper. We put the gallon under the piper to take this water and flush toilet with this.
    (sorry the bad english. I speak portuguese)
  • You influence my nephew in your home? :-)

    I like your usage of the leak. Turn it into something positive. Can you fix the leak all together?
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