Day 41: Bought Foods from Bulk Bins and Used my Own Packaging

Day 41: Bought Foods from Bulk Bins and Used my Own Packaging
When shopping at the health food store today, I bought figs, raisins and dates from the bulk bins. Not only did I buy from the bulk bins, but I also brought my own packaging for them as well.

Did you know that, “Nearly 80 million tons of waste is generated from packaging and containers annually, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or nearly a third of annual municipal solid waste. These fill-er-up stations are the best way to cut back on supermarket packaging, because there’s none to speak off, especially if you tote along your own reusable bags and containers. And here’s a secret: We’ve also found that it’s cheaper than buying prepackaged.” (Courtesy of PlanetGreen)

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • BowersGauthierLarose
    not sure how it is in NY, but milk here also comes in a 3bag/4litre combo, 4 litres of milk in 3 bags, these bags are quite strong, cut the top off after the milk is gone, clean the bag out, and youve got a reusable bag.. and is a perfect example of the 3 R's
  • Milk comes in containers here. No bags. Where are you located?
  • BowersGauthierLarose
    Ontario Canada, here it come in containers as well, the local variety chain Macs Milk boasts plastic containers made of 100% recycled plastic, you pay a deposit for the containers,.. Milk also comes in the bags as i mentioned and in the Cardboardish containers we see on the commercials.
  • Milk in bags. That's interesting.
  • BowersGauthierLarose
    Mike can I add you to FB ?
  • Absolutely.
  • BowersGauthierLarose
  • nanfischer
    I reuse the bag for coffee, too. It's good for about 4 uses. :)
  • Yes they definitely show wear and tear after some uses. It's great even if you get one use out of them. Small things make the difference.
  • Excellent idea. I recycle the bags. Seems a waste not too!
  • Seems like a total waste. I usually have about 2-3 in my bookbag at all times.
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