Day 59: Used Cereal Box to Organize Plastic Bags

Day 59: Used Cereal Box to Organize Plastic Bags

My roommate was going to throw his cereal box in the trash. I decided to use it to organize all of the plastic bags that are under the sink instead.

Previously I used one of his old rice boxes to store seasoning packets.

According to RethinkRecycling: Nearly 30% of our trash is packaging. A lot of it is cardboard that can be reused or recycled.

It would be great if we could totally eliminate the trash, but reusing works as well.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • GinaRau
    I love this, Mike. We just used a cereal box for the cardboard to provide a front and back to books the kids are making for things they're thankful for. Sometimes we use them in envelopes when we ship pictures or the kids' artwork to grandparents too. I've got a couple boxes almost ready for their 2nd life and a bunch of plastic bags that need a tidy home. Thanks!
  • Thanks Gina. I'm always asking my roommate to save his boxes and bags. I have a rice box filled with recipes, one filled with spice packets.

    Really like the idea of the kids artwork when sending stuff to the grandparents. Good stuff.
  • Tammy in TN
    I would think that much more than 30% would be packaging. What is the majority of waste comprised of? Could it be food? Maybe you will reveal that in a later post.
  • My guess would either be plastic or food.
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