Day 67: Donated Clothes to Charity


Earlier in the week, I donated books to a charity. Today, I donated a bag full of clothing that I no longer need to charity.

With the cold weather finally here, I switched over my wardrobe. In doing so, I got rid of a lot of clothing that I haven’t worn all season or no longer need.

Besides getting put into the hands of someone that could use them, a recent study estimated that 386 million pounds of textiles enter the NYC waste stream annually, representing close to 6% of total waste. (courtesy of Wearable Collections)

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Karina
    We are bombarded by advertising all the time and by the culture of buy, buy, buy ... We have to resist. When you think about buying something, ask yourself repeatedly "Do I really need this?".
  • Mike Lieberman
    That's a great question to ask.
  • tammyn
    I am surprised you had so many clothes, you appear shirtless in so many of your posts I was thinking of donating some shirts to you. : )

    Not only is it important to donate old clothes, it is important to buy used things. I am very grateful to many friends who gave us gently used baby clothes. Babies grow so fast their clothes never get old.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Haha. That's why I'm donating so much because I rarely wear any and when I do, it's the same thing over and over. I still have plenty though.

    Yes having friends and family that have kids, I've seen that. Most of the stuff never even gets worn. It's a shame.
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