Day 77: Made a Zero Waste Meal for Cooking Competition

Day 77: Made a Zero Waste Meal for Cooking Competition

I competed in VeggieConquest III: Battle Cranberry and created a zero waste meal (in addition to coming in second place.

By zero waste, I mean that nothing was sent to the landfill in making the meal. I used cups and baking liners that were compostable to serve the dishes. After everyone at the event had their portion, I collected the cups and baking liners.

They were then dropped off at the community compost along with the scraps that were generated in making the dish.

According to the NYC Composting Program, “The average New York City household discards two pounds of organic waste each day—adding up to more than one million tons of organic material a year.”

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Karina
    Mike, I thought every north-American had, under the kitchen sink, that equipment that triturate organic waste. I thought it was part of your culture. If I ever have my own household I'd like want to have one. It seems to be less harmful to environment than sending to the landfill. Please comment it.
    And congratulations for creating zero waste meals!!!!!
  • Mike Lieberman
    I believe you are talking about a garbage disposal. Not all kitchen sinks have them. They just grind up the food to prevent it from clogging up the drain. They don't compost the food.
  • tammyn
    Congrats! It looks great, and the no-waste part is awesome.

    Since I can't compost, I have also been trying to make my meals with as little waste as possible. This includes little things like eating the whole part of broccoli or celery, and not peeling carrots.

    Great accomplishment. It's super-yummy looking!
  • Mike Lieberman
    Thanks Tammy. I got all kinds of composting going on now. Thinking of starting an outdoor bin at my grandmothers. She has all kinds of leaves that she throws away. Can be made into perfectly good soil.
  • 2nd place, no waste, and a video all in one day? Award tour!
  • Mike Lieberman
    And good music too. Can't forget that part.
  • oh, thanks. :)
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