Day 112: Saved Water By Not Flushing After Peeing

Day 112: Saved Water By Not Flushing After Peeing

I didn’t flush the toilet after I tinkled to help save water.

I’m not sure when my toilet was made, but in 1995 the National Energy Policy Act (H.R. 776) went into effect and mandated 1.6 toilets for the entire U.S. (Courtesy of Toiletology)

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Karina
    I don´t do this for two reasons: 1 - My mother asked me not to do this, to not stain the toilet (which is white). 2 - The female anatomy is different from men and we have to take more care to infections and such.
    But what is no shortage of solutions, isn´t it Mike?
    As I told you the other day if it is raining, I do not use the toilet. And if it's not raining, I press the flush button very quickly so as not to use all the water from the tank. But for this, maybe it will be necessary to uncover the tank to tight the chain that raises the gate.
  • Yup. To each his/her own. We can all find and do the little things.
  • Ben
    A. Thank you for the discreet picture
    B. Nice rubber ducky
  • Thanks on both accounts.
  • Tammy in TN
    I was wondering if this was coming. Grey water is great, but I can't manage to get enough in the bowl to actually flush it without spilling on the floor.

    On the other hand, I put a bunch of used beer bottles in the toilet tank to displace the water. It is appalling that there are toilets in Europe that use 1 liter per flush, but the standard American toilet uses 1.6 gallons (about 6 liters). I fit in 4 bottles per tank which reduces the water by about 1.5 liters. Still flushes well.
  • I usually get about a flush and a half or so from my gray water using a 5 gallon container.
  • I do this to! If its yello let it mellow if its brown flush it down. First heard this from the wise man Al bundy
  • I learned a lot growing up from that wise man Al Bundy.
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