Day 141: Haven’t Showered In A Few Days

Day 141: Haven't Showered In A Few Days
It’s been a few days since I’ve showered. I will not disclose how many days it’s been though.

The number may or may not correlate to how many days I wore the grey shirt.

On average 35% of all water used in the average home is from showers and bath tubs. courtesy of BeingWater

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Funny, I don't find that odd at all. If or if not it correlates to the number of days the shirt worn, I've got you beat on both counts!
  • Not sure whether to be in awe or disgust. Hahaha.
  • Ben
    I went on a "guy trip" fishing this past weekend and did not shower for 4 days. it was ripe.
  • No doubt. When I go camping, showering isn't even a thought. Though after hiking the Grand Canyon, it did feel good.
  • tammyn
    You can always take a sponge bath! When I first met my husband, he would turn on the shower, and then walk around the house for 10 minutes claiming that it was "heating up." Wow, that was a way to get on my bad side. Now, as a result of my constant nagging, he has stopped this practice.

    Last weekend I scavenged some pots and plastic pails so I can start making your self-watering pots. I can't wait for spring.
  • I used to "heat up" the shower too back in the day. Not so much anymore.

    Definitely keep me updated on your gardening.
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