Day 153: Set Screen Saver To A Black Screen

Day 153: Set Screen Saver To A Black Screen

I set my computer’s screen saver to a black screen because it uses less energy than an animated screen saver.

If I was going to be away from the machine for a long period of time, I would have shut it down.

According to

  • It takes more energy to start your computer than leaving it on all night, computers require only a small surge of energy when they’re turned on.
  • If your computer is going to be idle for more than two hours, you should shut it down.
  • Shutting down your machine reduces its demand for energy, preventing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • I have also adjusted the power settings on my computer as well.

    What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Accidental friend
    I do the same, it additionally prolongs the life of the monitor /screen.
    Other than that sleep mode is more gentle on the machine then the actual shutdown [no electric shock /el. impulse when starting it], while conserves as much energy.
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