Day 176: Disinfected and Cleaned Cutting Board

Day 176: Disinfected and Cleaned Cutting Board
My bamboo cutting board was cleaned and disinfected in a way similar to my bathtub.

Baking soda was rubbed into the board, then I sprayed it with vinegar and a squeeze of lemon. Let it sit for a few minutes then wiped it down with an old t-shirt.

Check the Household Products Database from the US Department of Health and Human Services for products to see the possible health effects.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Great tip! Will definitely try this one. What can be used to keep the bamboo moisturized. Is it mineral oil?
  • Mike Lieberman
    I have never used anything, but have read that mineral oil can be used. Not sure much about it though.
  • tammyn
    Nice tip. I rarely cook meat for my husband, but when I do I'm totally paranoid about raw meat microbes infecting my kitchen, and I hate using bleach, so I'll try this.
    I used the coffee grounds the other day to clean up the grease after I fried some chorizo for my husband. Worked great.

    I also spent the weekend buying the rest of the supplies to start my urban garden. I'm going to be starting some heirloom tomatoes from seed in a few weeks. I am just waiting for it to warm up. I am also waiting to start fermenting some veggies and make my own sourdough starter again. We keep the thermostat a little too low in the winter for optimal fermenting.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Nice. I just read this and gonna use it as one way to start my seedlings http://littlehouseinthesuburbs...
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