Day 201: Reused Aluminum Foil On Lotion Dispenser

Day 201: Reused Aluminum Foil On Lotion Dispenser

Folded up some aluminum foil and wrapped around my lotion dispenser.

This gives the aluminum foil another used and helps to control how much comes out since I always use too much.

100% recycled aluminum foil was cleaned, used to sharpen scissors and reused.

According to, “Americans throw away about three pounds of aluminum foil annually. It will take roughly 400 years for aluminum to break down naturally in the landfill. Some landfills incinerate aluminum, which releases toxic metals and gas into the atmosphere.” Get more facts about aluminum foil.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • tammyn
    Smart Idea.

    A few weeks ago I bought some foamy soap containers and I filled them with some watered-down Dr. Bronner's, but I'll do this with my lotion.

    I finally ended my hunt for a washboard. When we took a trip to Nicaragua in January, I noticed that our clothes were getting a lot more clean from washing them by hand. I am not crazy enough to wash all our clothes by hand, but it really gets all the food stains out of our baby's clothes, and it uses a lot less water.

    And, on the same topic: I just read this article about how the worst thing we can do to our dishwasher and washing machine is to use too much soap. A spokesperson for Proctor and Gamble said that most people use 8 times the amount they need, and because of more effecient machines, we shouldn't go by their measuring cups anymore.
    I usually use about a quarter cup of borax and a tiny bit (a couple tablespoons) of natural laundry detergent, and it works great.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Thanks for the article. I should start cleaning some of my stuff by hand as well. What kind of washboard did you get?
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