Day 230: Filled Up One Side Of Sink While Doing Dishes

Day 230: Filled Up One Side Of Sink While Doing Dishes
Instead of letting the water in the kitchen sink run, I filled up one side to wash the dishes and used the other side to rinse them.

If you don’t have two sinks, you can use a small basin or plastic storage tub.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the average person uses 10.9 gallons of water from the faucet a day.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Accidental friend
    Great place to dry the cutting board. [don't see anymore what I'm typing, :)]
  • Accidental friend
    Greet place to dry the cutting board.
  • Accidental friend
    Bamboo is the fast renewable natural material ideal for cutting boards, plastic is not [aside plastic particles in a food are not what people are made to eat]. And again, white vinegar would help bleach the coloring aside disinfecting any cutting board.

    I'm not sure do I see aluminum dish up there...
    [Aluminum dishes should be avoided if possible...
    Enamel or stainless steel dish is the best choice for the stow top cooking.
    Quality glass dishes [not too tick walls] with tight glass lids, w/o knobs, ornaments and stuff are fabulous for cooking & storing food, though not to be used for stove top cooking...]
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