Day 245: Used Celery Leaves To Make Salt

Day 245: Used Celery Leaves To Make Salt

I made my own celery salt using celery leaves and the pulp from juicing. They were placed in the dehydrator and then ground down into a salt.

Let’s be real – who really likes celery leaves? This is a way to use them if you aren’t going to toss them into your compost.

Since I’m using all of the food, I am also cutting down on the resources that go into producing the salt, its packaging and the transportation of it to the store.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Interesting; I didn't know you could make salt using celery leaves!
    Does it taste different? ...Celery like? :P
  • Mike Lieberman
    It's decent. I've been using to top salads. There's not extra cost in it, so worth doing.
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