Day 303: Used Tea Bag to Soothe Bug Bite


Used a tea bag as a compress to help soothe a bug bite. The tannin in the tea is what helps.

Tea bags can also be used to soothe your eyes and to clean tiles.

When done, I put the tea bags into my compost.

Besides not using potentially harmful chemicals, items that were otherwise going to be tossed were reused.

Next time you are using a cosmetic product, whether it’s soap, deodrant or a lotion, check out the ingredients as to what’s in it. A lot of the ingredients are reportedly bad for your health and the environment.

Check out the Cosmetics Database for more information on cosmetic safety.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • I attract mosquito bites like crazy. I learned about using tea bags and they work better than anything. They also are amazing for sunburn. I am out running or biking a lot and when I pick up too much sun I go to the fridge where I have a mason jar with my used tea bags and nothing relieves sunburn better.
  • Mike Lieberman
    You use a specific type of tea or just whatever bags you have?
  • I'm a big fan of drinking dark/black teas but any tea seems to work. Tea bags are great for blisters on the hands or feet too! Tannin is a miracle drug. A wet tea bag on a blister may sting at first but eventually it acts like a mild anesthetic and it hardens the blister so it won't tear and allows the natural healing process to work. For climbers this is golden.
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