Day 83: Said No to Water Refill

Day 83: Said No to Water Refill

I went out to lunch today and was finished drinking my water. The waiter came around to fill up my glass, but I declined because I wasn’t going to drink anymore.

If I wasn’t going to drink it, the water would be tossed out and wasted.

This is an act that is small, simple to do and can make a huge difference when done by the masses.

Americans now use 127 percent more water than we did in 1950. Get this and more facts about the water we waste from Chelsea Green.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • It's a well-meaning and automatic gesture on the part of servers to keep filling your glass, but like I always tell them "You have more water than I can ever drink; you win; stop already" (Well I say that if I think they'd appreciate the humor).
  • Actually my green thing for the day was to drink and get a refill of water in my water glass. I try drink tap water instead of soda as much as I can.
  • ldbg25
    Today I finished putting plastic on my windows to help with my gas bill. Instead of throwing away the trimmings, I saved them to use as packing material for the care packages I sometimes send my daughter.
  • Nice. Good work. It's crazy in NYC. I have no control over the heater, so it gets blasted and I have to keep my window open to keep the room cool. Such a waste.
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