Day 105: Made Fruit Leather

Day 105: Made Fruit Leather

I made some banana fruit leathers.

I had bananas that were really ripe (that I may or may not have gotten from dumpster diving). Instead of adding them to my compost or dropping them off at the community compost, I decided to make fruit leather with them.

According to the NYC Composting Program, “The average New York City household discards two pounds of organic waste each day—adding up to more than one million tons of organic material a year.”

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • tammyn
    Great idea! We have been thinking of getting a dehydrator for a while now.

    Do you have a vita-mix? They are having a demonstration video contest. I saw it on their site and thought of you since your how-to video of the self watering pots was great. Check the details on their site: You could win $10,000.
  • Mike Lieberman
    I have a dehydrator and a Vita-Mix. I def use the Vita-Mix much more frequently. This wknd took a lil workshop on canning and fermenting fruits and veggies as well. Interesting stuff.
  • Ben
    Thanks for the link to the fruit leather. I am going to have to try this.
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