Day 115: The Peanut Butter Plan

Day 115: The Peanut Butter Plan
I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and gave them to homeless people as I came across them in the city.

This idea was first introduced to me by Derek Markham (NaturalPapa) when he posted about the Peanut Butter Plan back in October.

How is this a “green” act? I’m not totally sure, but I’m hoping that it brought some joy to someone’s day and that makes our environment a better place.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Ben
    one word. Awesome!
  • Thanks Ben. Technically that was three words, but I won't hold it against you.
  • Ben
    no... see... first I had to proclaim the fact that I will take one word to get my point across. It is a preamble. Then, the actual statement... which was one word. Even the greatest of novels have introductions. ;)
  • I stand corrected. :-)
  • Peanut butter is awesome--This is my favorite of all your 365 ways!! I just hope you only gave sandwiches to legit homeless people--no PB for the fake homeless kids on St. Marks--the ones with $100 doc martens and rich parents who are probably home worried sick about them...I digress. Nice post!

    Btw, your posture is looking better in this picture!
  • C'mon son. I'm not giving food to some rich Connecticut kids who are sticking it to mom and dad by playing "homeless" in NYC.
  • natallya
    nhame nhaem



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