Day 116: Used Old Water Bottles to Give Hot Tea to Less Fortunate

Day 116: Made It A Tea Day Using Old Water Bottles

I made tea and put it in old water bottles that I was no longer using. Then I gave it to the less fortunate as I walked around the city.

This was a perfect supplement to the Peanut Butter Plan.

Since I’ve been using mason jars as my water bottle, I have a lot of extra water bottles laying around.

After making the tea and pouring it into the bottles, they were way to hot to the touch. So I took some old t-shirts that I was using as rags to wrap around them. This made them easier to hold.

Much like the Peanut Butter Plan, I’m not sure how this is a “green” act, but I’m hoping that it brought some joy to someone’s day and that makes our environment a better place.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Cosmobaby
    OH, this is SO sweet.
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