Day 169: Took a Shower With Somebody

Day 169: Took a Shower With Somebody

I took a shower with a certain somebody.

It was my first shower in a few days and definitely wasn’t a two minute shower, but we did shower in natural light.

Whether or not I urinated in the shower will have to be left up to the imagination.

On average 35% of all water used in the average home is from showers and bath tubs. Courtesy of BeingWater.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Accidental friend
    Double low-flow shower head would make it work, peeing aside.
    I imagine competing in farthest peeing would be a great invitation for a couple shower, ;p.
  • kikkykitty101
  • Nemesis
    Shaving your head every day is more wasteful than taking a shower. And that bald look is so 2002.
  • I'm glad the bald look is 2002 because I've been shaving my head since 1995.
  • AnitaAvalos
    Doesn't really matter what year it is, you are rockin the bald head.
  • tammyn
    Thanks for the giggle, and the great idea. There should be a "shower with a friend day". Can you imagine all the water that would be saved if everyone showered with a friend for one day?
  • Doin my best to keep this fun and light. Glad you enjoyin it. Let's start a "Shower With A Friend Day" How do even start something like that?
  • tammyn
    Ask someone who participates in "no pants day." Also a great idea.
  • That was actually in NYC a few weeks ago. Totally missed it.
  • taylen
    i'm not sure how i feel about this post, but i think i like it... :D
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