Day 192: Used Jeans To Sharpen Disposable Razor

Day 192: Used Jeans To Sharpen Razor

I used my jeans to sharpen my disposable razor.

This will help to extend the life of my Retro Razor blade.

Planet Green says that this method will help to keep the blade razor sharp for up to six months.

According to the EPA, two billion disposable razors are landfilled annually. 2,000,000,000.

The Retro Razor uses a double sided blade and is made from hefty copper chrome and alloy. Read more from Retro Razor on the ecological benefits of double edge shaving.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Accidental friend

    Never heard about this, thx for the link to: http://planetgreen.discovery.c... ~I doubted it before I read that article & it's good to know! :)

  • Accidental friend

    I remembered FROM MOVIES old barbers were using a LEATHER belt to sharpen the razor blade, so I googled it, it says it is called STROPPING, :))!

  • You know... this actually makes more sense than *buying* a razor sharpener (and they do exist, both electronic and not). Something to do with denim scraps from jeans that can't be worn anymore.

  • starre

    Wait, HOW do you do the sharpening exactly? Which way do you rub the razor blade, across or down?

  • I've been going down about 10-20x then up 10-20x.

  • Mike, this is awesome! Just don't rub the platinum edges off the blade itself...Be careful! We cannot be held liable for any injuries or ripped jeans. Your bubbie thinks so too!

  • Thanks for the comment. I'll do my best to keep the blade edge, my jeans and legs in tact. I don't want to loose any of them.

  • I have to say, I don't know you but I've been reading you for a couple days now and this is my fav post. Not so much for the razor thing, more for the Duran Duran pic on your wall! Clearly, you rule. I think I love you! hahahaa!

  • No-no-notorious. Notorious.

  • HA! That's why I've done it again! LOL, I gotta go feather my hair now...*walks off doin the head bop*

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