Day 193: Used Coffee Grinds To Deter Ants

Day 193: Used Coffee Grinds To Deter Ants

Set up a line of coffee grinds to help deter ants.

My Grandmother has been complaining about seeing some ants. Supposedly, ants won’t cross a line of coffee grinds.

Check the Household Products Database from the US Department of Health and Human Services for products to see the possible health effects.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • athony
    Ax so we all should go and buy a coffee grinder, or go to a coffee shop and ask for it
  • tammyn
    Great non-toxic tip. I just read this article about the "Toxie" awards given to the most dangerous toxic chemicals in the most everyday things.
  • Thx for the link. Mostly baking soda and vinegar for me these days.
  • christackett
    so this will just keep them from going in a certain direction? is there any way to get them out of my kitchen completely?
  • Yes for some reason it'll help to deter them. I believe that spraying vinegar will help to kill them. Haven't used that one yet though. In terms of getting them out of your kitchen completely, I'd recommend cleaning your kitchen :-)
  • Cleaning doesn't help, I've tried it all. Except coffee grounds, who knew?
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