Day 204: Turned Down Lid And Straw

Day 204: Turned Down Lid And Straw
I turned down a lid and straw when ordering a juice.

Since I’m moving, a lot of my mason jars are all packed up, I couldn’t bring my own mason jar for my juice.

My philosophy is that I can’t be perfect a 100%, hard to believe I know, so I do my best to make the best decisions given the circumstances that I’m given. In this situation I turned down the lid and the straw. The cup is supposed to be compostable and made of plastic.

According to, “Americans toss out enough paper & plastic cups, forks and spoons every year to circle the equator 300 times.” Get more waste facts and figures.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • I'm a real weirdo, I bring my own cup, utensils, napkin and containers to restaurants with me so I never have to use anything throw-away. And I always refuse a straw with a real glass. What adult needs to drink water out of a straw anyways? :)
  • Nice. I bring my own utensils everywhere as well. Just started to bring my own napkin, but keep forgetting to use it. I don't get the straw thing either.
  • tammyn
    Good reminder. If I order coffee, and I forgot my own cup (which rarely happens) I skip the little cardboard cover that protects your hands.

    We're traveling right now, and I brought the new washboard. It worked great while camping. I bought it at the local Mexican store, but they have some nice ones on Amazon.

    Now we're in a hotel where I always try to reuse the towels, and I decline the daily fresh sheets.
  • Good stuff as always Tammy.
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