Day 205: Used Own Hanger and Garment Bag at Dry Cleaners

Day 205: Used Own Hanger and Garment Bag at Dry Cleaners
I had to bring a coat in for a friend to be dry cleaned and brought my own hanger and garment bag to use instead of getting a plastic bag and metal hanger.

I looked into wet cleaning, which is supposed to be a more eco-friendly way of getting clothes cleaned, but the place by me was close to $100. That ruled it out, so at least I brought my own reusable packaging.

Like turning down the lid and straw, it’s not perfect, but the best I could do.

A five-year-long study by the Ocean Conservancy found that small plastic bags made up about 9 percent of the debris found along various U.S. coasts. Get this and more facts about plastic bags from where you can also find a plastic bag recycling location by you.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Hi Mike!
    Congratulations on your website!
    Today a radio here in Curitiba (Brazil) spoke about his initiative and I came to give!

    Simple actions like yours make all the difference.
    I will follow and pass on!

  • Mike Lieberman
    Thanks Alana. What was the radio station?
  • lorifellowes
    I found a way to completely do without dry cleaning. I use the apholstry attachment on my carpet cleaner to clean "Dry Clean Only" garments. The water is sucked up immediately and if you do this on a flat surface like an ironing board it also takes the wrinkles out. If lined, I do the garment inside out first and then do it regular afterwards. I have not used a dry cleaner in over a decade.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Interesting idea. I like it.
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