Day 51: Made A Fruit Fly Catcher Using A Soda Bottle

Day 51: Made A Fruit Fly Catcher Using A Soda Bottle

I reused a soda bottle to make a fruit fly catcher. Apple cider vinegar was poured inside to attract the pesky insects.

This helps to keep a soda bottle out of the landfill where it will sit for 700 years before decomposing (GreenYour)

Besides keeping the soda bottle out of the landfill for a little while longer, it also eliminates the need to use any nasty insect sprays. These insecticide sprays can be fatal according to the EPA.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • BowersGauthierLarose
    Excellent Idea! I do worm composting inside, I just recently brought the work bucket in from outside, where it has been during the warm months, and I now have a fruit fly problem, I believe this will be the solution.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Cool. Set a few up and after a few days, you should see some results. Let me know how it works for you.
  • Tammy in TN
    Cool! Did it work? Does it matter if it is raw ACV or regular?

    I am in the process of ridding my home of all chemicals. I'm reading "healthy child, healthy world" and I have started making my own all-natural cleaners. With the exception of some Seventh Generation and Sun & Earth laundry, dish and all-purpose cleaners. But, I have to say, I live in the boonies and have to buy my supplies over the internet and I am riddled with guilt from having cleaning products shipped across the country to arrive at my doorstep in a large, cardboard box. Ugh! Do you ever feel like you just can't win?
  • Mike Lieberman
    I hear ya Tammy. It's one of the maddening things. For me it's when people preach give up meat, it's good for the environment, but then order products from the other side of the globe that was likely harvested by some 3 year old who is imprisoned. It's likely better for the enviro if they just eat a locally grass fed burger. So, yes I feel you on that.

    I have some DIY home cleaner recipes coming up.

    Here's the post on how to make the fruit fly catcher and also shows how well it works

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