Day 235: Had A Picnic In The Park

Day 235: Had A Picnic In The Park
Sat on an old blanket, brought a meal that was made from the farmers market and used our own utensils to have a picnic in the park. This was all packed up in a resuable bag.

This picnic generated little to no waste and expended little resources. Plus a little rest and relaxation time with a loved one never hurts.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • tammyn
    What is that? A big bowl of greens? Looks great! I can't wait for the farmers' markets to start again. This year I am doing a CSA program, and I can't wait.

    Happy Earth Day! You were the inspiration for my little container garden, and so far all my seedlings and little heirloom tomatoes are doing great. I also try to remember to water them with "gray" water (the baby's bath water.) Since I use a plant-based natural soap on him, I know the soap residue doesn't hurt my little seedlings.
  • what a wonderful way to spend the next 365!
  • Mike Lieberman
    Most definitely.
  • Beautiful setting. Picnics are great.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Thanks. Park was empty and quiet too, which was nice.
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