Day 86: Made a Gift Box Out of a Greeting Card

Day 86: Made a Gift Box Out of a Greeting Card

I used a greeting card to make a gift box.

This time of the year, you get plenty of greeting cards. Instead of tossing them out, reuse them to gift smaller items like chocolate or jewelry.

According to GrinningPlanet, “Some greeting cards get saved “forever,” but not most. We just don’t have the closet space! Sooner or later, our heart-felt greeting cards go to landfills or recycling centers. Even in the better latter case, there are energy and pollution costs associated with transporting and converting the old greeting cards into reusable paper.”

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Ben
    Great idea and have a great Thanksgiving!
  • Mike Lieberman
    Thanks Ben. Hope you have a great one too.
  • tammy in tn
    Great idea!

    I try to keep old cardboard boxes around to reuse too. Today, my husband had to bring a cake to work. A pineapple upside-down cake to be exact. Instead of buying a disposable paper or plastic cake plate, I just covered some old cardboard with tinfoil. It was a total grandma move, but it worked.

    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off to spend the weekend with my husband's not-so-eco-conscious family. We mostly eat with disposables all weekend, but now, I have a plan. Oh yes, my goal is to personally create as little waste as possible. It will happen. We packed our tote bags, jars, and cloth diapers.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Total grandma move. Love it. So where's my slice of cake?

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend w the in-laws. Just do what you do, people will take notice, get curious and might start to take on some of their own habits.
  • Nice one! I may or may not have a drawer full of greeting cards that I couldn't bear to trash. You can bet I'll be making some gift boxes!
  • Mike Lieberman
    I was surprised at how well they came out and looked. Lemme know how they turn out if you makes some.
  • I tried explaining this to my "if I don't get a greeting card from you for every holiday in existence, it means you're dead to me" mother once. Let's just say Mom: 1; Planet: 0. Sorry, Planet. Thanks for the craft tip, though. Maybe I can send her presents in repurposed greeting cards instead of sending plain old new cards.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Send her an e-card on this internet thing. It's gonna catch on. I got the inside scoop.

    Tell your mom that when the Planet looses that we all lose...Of course don't tell her that I said that.
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