Day 125: Recycled Plastic Packaging

Day 125: Recycled Plastic Packaging

Recycled plastic packaging in my building.

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to reduce the amount of plastic that I consume. The plastic packaging that I do get will be recycled though.

In my apartment building I can recycle glass bottles, newspaper and cardboard.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Hi there. Have you checked to make sure of what plastics actually get recycled in your community? Often times communities will accept all plastics and then only recycle those for which there is a market. The rest get tossed in the landfill.

    If you want to get serious about giving up plastic, check out my blog: I generated less than 4% of the national average of plastic waste in 2009, and I'm planning to do even better in 2010.
  • Mike Lieberman
    I really should check out what exactly gets recycled in NYC. I most def want to limit my plastic purchases this year. It's one of my NY Resolutions. I'll be checkin out your blog to get more ideas.

    Thanks for the info and inspiration.
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