Day 282: Rented Beach Cottage

Day 282: Rented Beach Cottage

Went away for a few days and rented a beach cottage instead of staying in a hotel.

Besides having the accommodations of a home during the stay, according to ShiftYourHabit, “Hotels use excessive energy, water and other resources to maintain daily housekeeping services, a 24-hour commercial kitchen, hallway light, lobbies, etc.”

If you are traveling anywhere, I’d suggest checking out AirBnB. It has a great listing of rentals worldwide at some surprising prices.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Great resource!
  • Joyce
    Thanks a lot for the link to the site AirBnB! I'm definitely utilizing this in the future! :)
  • Raul
    Nice house! how much $ ?
  • Mike Lieberman
    It was pretty sweet. Less than $100/night.
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