Day 283: Made Organic Insect Spray for Garden

Since I’m into organic gardening I made and organic insect spray for my garden using Dr. Bronner’s Soap and water. This spray works well to control aphids.

If I am going to harvest and eat my own vegetables, I definitely do not want any nasty chemicals near my food and in my body.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • vee
    hello! i found your blog through stumble upon and have since subscribed! what is the ratio of soap and water used for your spray?
    Do you have any effective green suggestions for weed control?

    Also- my green act is giving my plants my coffee grounds.:)
  • Mike Lieberman
    Thanks for the comment Vee. It's a lot of water to a 2-4 drops of soap. if you use too much soap, you'll burn the leaves, which i did at first a little bit.

    You looking to wipe out an entire spot that has weeds or a small patch?

    You might be interested in my urban gardening site as well
  • vee
    an entire spot. i have fairly good sized yard that I want to eventually cover most of it with gravel so I'd want the weeds to not return. I also have a brick patio that I have to constantly pull weeds out of the cracks.
    I'm also subscribed to your urban gardening site, thanks!
  • Mike Lieberman
    Gravel?!!? Why not grow some food? C'mon you know you wanna.

    I'm pretty sure there are two ways that you can wipe out the weeds. Either by covering the spot with cardboard or with a black tarp.
  • vee
    oh good sir i'm growing loads of food! I live in utah where space is plentiful! I don't want grasson account of utah is mostly desert so low maintenance gravel is where its at!
    Thanks for your suggestions!
  • Mike Lieberman
    Word. Thank you.
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