Day 281: Did Not Use Deodorant

Day 281: Did Not Use Deodorant

I haven’t used deodorant in months. Haven’t found a need. No one has said anything or noticed. It’s either that or I just know a really good group of people.

I used to use eco-friendly deodorant, but stopped using that too. Despite not using deodorant, I still go for days without showering.

I’ll shower after I get a good workout in.

Check the Household Products Database from the US Department of Health and Human Services for products to see the possible health effects.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • You can use a rock named "Tawas" in Indonesian for ur arm pit. But I don't really know what's Tawas in english.. it works..
  • Thanks. I'll have to look into it.
  • Raul
    That means no sex at all! :p jokes apart...

    What i do is:
    I quit the deodorant for like 90% of my usage, making sure i use it only when im going to stay out for over 4 hrs, and still have to be an important thing like an work, date etc. Other wise what i do is, use an cheap cologne or alcohol gel under the arm. I also shave it.
    Thats not only environmental good, well better than the chemicals, but also healthy for the body, that way we really get rid of our inner body toxins, less risk of cancer. Anti perspirants are bad.

    I also take just one shower, less than 10 min a day.(there are exceptions ofc)
    I do pee over 4x in the toilet before a flush (hate the smell, but...)
    When i poo, i use the hygienic sprinkler to clean my ass, that way i save paper, and its hygienically better than spreading the shit.
  • Wow. Appreciate all the details and for sparring the pics. ;-)
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