Day 45: Replaced Head of Toothbrush

Day 45: Replaced Head of Toothbrush

This morning I replaced just the head of my toothbrush. I have a Source Toothbrush, so I just need to replace the head and not the entire brush.

Since just the head is replaced, 80% of the energy wasted in creating toothbrushes is conserved. This eliminates the need to recycle the handles. My handle is made of wood fiber. They also have ones made of recycled flax and dollar bills.

Not only does this reduce plastic waste generated by throwing away entire toothbrushes, but the packaging is made of 50% soda bottles.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • emilywilkes
    This is pretty neat. I didn't even know those kind of toothbrushes existed.
  • Mike Lieberman
    I'm just a lil vexed that I got the wood fiber one instead of the dollar bill.
  • tammyn
    Cool brush, I'm gonna look into those.

    This reminds me of a few months back, when I commented to my husband about the amount of plastic we were tossing every day with those single use, floss/pick things made out of plastic. I convinced him that we shouldn't buy them anymore, and switch to just the floss instead. It works great for me, but the result is my husband stopped flossing altogether. Doh!
  • Mike Lieberman
    Tammy. The toothbrush is great. I just wish I knew about the ones made from dollar bills.

    It's funny how the plastics and "bad" things are so convenient, while doing things that are eco-conscious aren't. I totally used to be and act the same way, but then rearranged my time and started to make the "inconvenient" things more important and made the time for them.
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