Day 46: Used Phone Book In My Fire Escape Garden

Day 46: Used Phone Book In My Fire Escape Garden

I used phone books on my fire escape garden to raise the containers off the cold steel.

A few months ago, Shawna Coronado wrote a post how phone books are a scam.

Since reading that post, I’ve been thinking of ways that they can be used. This seemed like the perfect fit. wrote an article about how individuals can cancel their phone book subscriptions.

You can go to to find out where you can recycle them or visit to opt out of deliveries.

Since I live in apartment building, I cannot opt out. They just get dropped off. Ugh.

According to creating 500 phone books wastes:

  • According to a study in California 17 to 31 trees- depending on how much is new paper and how much is recycled paper .
  • 7000 gallons of water
  • What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Victor Kannebley Bittencourt
    Hello there !
    My name is Victor and im from Brazil! I saw your website in a brazilian site and liked it very much!

    Me and some friends are doing apresentations about enviroment and how to be "green"!

    If you want, u can send me an email and we can change/trade some information!

    And i'm srry about my english is real bad!

    haha see you bro
  • shawna88
    Love it! Love it! Love it! You are the best! And what a creative urban idea. You rock as always! Keep up the awesome work - I am your best fan.

    Take care, Shawna Coronado
  • Mike Lieberman
    Thanks Shawna. You are the one that got me thinking about it. Props to you.
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