Day 47: Opted for Paperless Ticket

Day 47: Opted for Paperless Ticket

I purchased my ticket online for Veggie Conquest 3, a vegan cooking competition in New York City. When making the purchase, I chose the paperless ticket option. My ticket wouldn’t be mailed to me and my name would be put on the list at the door.

By foregoing a paper ticket, the waste produced in making and shipping a ticket is greatly reduced.

What was your simple green act for the day?

  • Mike, you can turn off the clock radio and use the computer´s clock. If you use this alarm clock to wake up, you can use now your cellphone.:).
  • Mike Lieberman
    Nice Kelly. I've been thinkin about how I don't need the clock radio. I don't use it as an alarm, but use it to see what time it is when I'm sleeping. Haven't used an alarm clock in almost 2 years.

    So at this point, I still need it. Can def unplug during the days though...
  • tammyn
    Looks great. Are you competing? Good luck, I'll be following.

    I have been thinking about going vegan, and did so very consciously this whole week until I my brain got too excited about seeing falafel on a menu (almost unheard of in these parts) that I forgot to order it without Tzatzki. A minor mistake, and on a side note, I asked the stand manager if they had hummus and she said she has never heard of it. What kind of a falafel stand manager has never heard of hummus? That's a falafel stand in TN for ya.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Yes. I'll be competing in this one.

    Would that be like going for pizza and the manager asking what mozzarella is?
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