Day 64: Used Plastic Container to Store Change

Day 64: Used Plastic Container to Store Change
I used a plastic container to store my loose change.

The change was building up on my dresser and I had just finished my chia seeds. Instead of throwing the plastic container out, I decided to toss my change into it.

I’ve come to realize is that I buy too many products with plastic packaging. I’m going to start buying more items from the bulk bins instead the stuff packaged in the plastic.

If you do have plastic containers, you can also use them to:

  • Thais

    I'm a journalist in Brazil and Í'm writing for a new website about sustainability, among other subjects, that is about to be launched.

    I'd like to write about this project of yours and about you as well.

    If it is ok with you, please answer this message.

    Thank you.
  • ldbg25
    I brought my spare stainless steel water bottle to work and will be using it instead of the plastic disposable cups at the water cooler.
  • Mike Lieberman
    Nice. It's these little things that are doable and make a difference.
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